Fake World HD

Find the Fake spot game


Welcome to Fake World HD.

Find the fake spot of Fake World.
Find all different spots to collect cards and build your own gallery.

Fake World HD's Double-player mode will give a great fun to couple, family, and friends.

Become the top of the world in this game.
Lot's of competitors from all over the world gave their all for the honor of their home country.

You are now playing this game as a representative of your country to the world.
Get the first place and Display your country flag on the top ~!!

Moreover, you travel all around the real world through Live and Clear photos with the information of Country and City on each photo.

- High Quality Photos from the world by our photographers
- Compete with others from all over the world
- Display your country's Flag on the World Score Board
- Pause, Start and Resume game any time you like
- Display Country and City information
- 3 Hints and 3 Chances
- Quick game play by finding only 1 spot per photo
- More score with No hint and No mistake
- Continuous update of game photos
- Sleek interface with cute characters
- Double-player Mode for Couple / Family / Friends